Self Care Tips: Make YOU a Priority

I feel like I am probably not the best person to be providing this kind of guidance as I am still trying to understand my own self care routine - but I feel like as I grow, I should pass on the same knowledge to help another. First and foremost, we collectively need to stop looking at self care like it is some kind of reward system. It is a vital part of having balance, self love, and better mental health. The moment you learn to understand that, is the moment you start realizing how important it is to make YOU a priority, and start making the change for yourself.

My next tip is simple - schedule out your self care! If you live a pretty busy life like myself and have a million things going on at once, this loop of never making time for yourself can happen - and there is no shame in having to pencil it in. My absolute favorite planner for this, you can find here:

It's best to always avoid people and things that make you unhappy. I can't say this enough, but the simplest act of self-care you can do is surrounding yourself with the right kind of people, learn to say no to things you don't want to do, and removing stressful situations out of your life (when possible).

And finally, it doesn't have to be a huge step to make a huge difference. Incorporating even the smallest moments for yourself into your daily routine can be the difference to a healthier and happier life. Below I have put together a list of some of my favorite self-care activities & must haves - feel free to pop these into your planner. Let's all starting putting ourselves first more!

Barista Babe with Coffee Over Cardio
  1. Brew yourself a cup of coffee/tea. Even if you only have 5 mins to spare, this is something that you can include in your day to day routine. You could make it apart of your morning. Wake up a bit earlier, make yourself a fresh mug of your favorite. Take these moments to stop and enjoy the little things - the smell, the sound of it brewing. Take the moments to enjoy. Looking for a new option? My favorite is 'Messy Bun' from Coffee Over Cardio. Which you can find on their website: Make sure to use my code 10CALLMECOURT for 10% off your order.
  2. Dance. I know it seems silly, but it's effective. Create a playlist to keep handy for whenever you need a little self-care dancing. Do it alone, with friends, with your partner - doesn't matter. Just enjoy the music and have some fun.
  3. Read A Book. A new one, an old one, doesn't matter - take an hour to read something that isn't a social post.
  4. Face Mask. Ah yes! The tried and true self-care staple, a face mask. You will thank you, and your skin will thank you. Win, win. My go-to is the Green Tea Blend Detox Mask, from Teami Blends (available at which you can find here:
  5. Watch a Funny Video. No seriously, I can't tell you how good I feel after taking 15 mins to watch a new Try Guys Video.
  6. Go For A Hike. I wish I scheduled more hikes into my calendar to be entirely honest. There is something so de-stressing about grabbing your pup and heading out into nature together. Just make sure to pack a snack and lots of water, for both you and pup (if you have one).
  7. Nap. I don't care who you are, everyone can enjoy a good nap. And often times our bodies and minds are screaming for it, and we don't even know until we try.
  8. Make A Charcuterie Board. Okay, so I realize this one is a bit far fetched and totally specific. But picture an aesthetically pleasing snack plate that allows you a bit of indulging, yes please.
  9. Binge Watch a Favorite Series. Is there a series you maybe haven't watched in a long time but absolutely adore? Here is your chance. This doesn't have to be something you incorporate all the time but every once in a while - it can be truly therapeutic. You could even make a tradition out of it. For example, I rewatch Gossip Girl every year around the same time. I know, seems silly, but it's something that brings me happiness.
  10. Learn A New Hobby. Okay hear me out, I know this can be stressful for some. So don't push this, if you are ones of those people. I however, very recently, stepped out of my comfort zone and picked up a new hobby. Candle Making, which is now part of a fragrance small business idea, I have had on the back burner for a while. So not only is this something I love doing and provides me happiness, but it's a way for me to bring in more income as well.

Now I know this may not be the soul searching tips you were hoping for - but sometimes it really is just THAT simple. However, I want to use this as an opportunity for you to request a deeper dive into a specific understanding of your choice as well. If there is anything you want me to write about please make sure to comment or contact me on any of my platforms.

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