Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Things got a little spooky...

Welcome to my first piece in my Haunted Places series! I can't wait to take you along on my adventures of little pieces of history, paranormal, and abandoned beauty all around the world. For these first couple ones, I am cheating a bit and sharing my experiences from past travels, not in realtime (thanks pandemic). So with that, I had to start at one of my favorites, Bachelor's Grove Cemetery located in Midlothian, IL - a southwest suburb of Chicago. At the time I was living not too far from this location, and knew that I had go and experience it for myself after I had followed multiple blogs and paranormal community boards about others visiting and the experience they had. Me, someone whom for years was a skeptic, but had one moment that changed everything (which I will save for a later time and date), was now seeking opportunities like this.

Photo: Taken by me, Courtney Sharp. 2015.

I could go on about the day leading up to my first visit and how unnerving the experience was, taking the trail back to an area that seemed almost abandoned, my boyfriend at the time convincing me we shouldn't be doing this...but in theory, at first, once we arrived, it was simply breathtaking. I mean the way the light comes through the trees here is just stunning, it truly felt like an ethereal garden of peace and tranquility (at least to someone into dead stuff). This very first visit, I was met with the one of keepers of the area on his way out - who stayed and told me about the history and upkeep for a bit.

I learned that some of the burials go back as far as 1834, when German immigrant workers were killed while working on the canal. It is also been thought that the water way that runs right next to it, was a dumping ground for bodies in Chicago's organized crime (1920's-1930's), with nod to Al Capone. It seems that though there is only a handful of marked stones - there are plenty of spirits that could be present in the area.

He showed me the location that people often report seeing the "white lady", who many have said you can hear the cries of her baby she carries on full moons. As well as the spot from the famous photo in the Chicago-Sun Times of the woman apparition clearly sitting on the tombstone, which was not visible when the photograph was taken.  He kindly walked me over to the "infant daughter" headstone where people come and leave an array of things like stuffed animals, dolls, beaded bracelets, etc. It all felt very surreal - but little did I know that my day journey would be very different from my later dusk experience.

As I approached the trail that you take back towards the grounds, things felt different than earlier. It could be the way my boyfriend at the time was FREAKING out or my senses tingling - who knows. As we walked down with the sun setting there was a group of beautiful deer in the distance, which we took a quick snapchat video of. As we continued to walk down the path, we both got the sense we were being followed, but we were aware of our surroundings the entire time, nobody was there. This looming feeling never left the entire time.

The vibes of the location changed at night, it was no longer this beautiful space of light. There was an eeriness and pain that could almost be felt physically. I got some photos and videos, left something at the gravesite, and we left. When we got to the car I wanted to review our footage. First up was the snapchat of the deer - or so we thought. What was there was NOT what we filmed, instead there was this fuzzy static like movement and no sound. We were confused but not quite freaked out yet, blamed it on an array of possibilities. Then I went to my albums to see the other stuff, only to find everything we had taken was gone. Every picture, every video, gone. It was like we weren't even there. We sat in silence most of the way home because we both were trying to comprehend what exactly happened.

Then my phone got a notification, it was a snapchat friend request. They had sent a video. I opened it, it was a black screen and my boyfriend and I's conversation while we were walking down the pathway from earlier. Absolutely terrified, I blocked the account and decided we should take a different route home in case we were being followed. After, nothing happened. Never heard from anyone again. We didn't get followed home. Nothing. The pictures and video from our visit, still non existent. I don't know what to take from this experience. I think about it often. I always have wondered if maybe we did catch something on film and tapped into some energy source neither of us necessarily believed in at the time. I don't know.

But if I ever make my way back to the grove, know I intend to find out. If you have ever had experiences here, please share them with me. I would love to learn more about moments people have had.

And though this shared adventure was short and sweet, I intended to dive much deeper into this world I have explored and continue to do so. Share captured imagines, chilling stories, etc. But if there is anything you are specifically interested in me covering or a location request, by all means send them my way.

Until next time ghouls,