The Adventure Challenge - Couples Edition Pt. 1

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The Adventure Box.

You know, I always use to look at couples when I was younger and be like "yuck, boring, they just sit around and do the same things all the time." Little did I know, I would become someone just like that years later. Adventure still in our hearts, but not acted upon enough - oh and don't get me started on what this pandemic has brought to date nights for couples everywhere haha.

But one day, I stumbled upon The Adventure Challenge and it has been EXACTLY what I needed in my relationship. Each page is filled with fun scratch-off date adventures that range in price, time, location, etc. that invite a way to truly do something different with your partner. An opportunity to break up the mundane routines we often find ourselves in and awaken a more creative and enriching experience.

The items we got from The Adventure Challenge are:

  • Couples Camera Set
  • The Adventure Box Subscription
  • And currently on it's way - my Solo Edition

The Couples Camera Set came with the book itself, as well as the Lomo' Instant Camera and some nifty little tools, like color filters. (Film not included, but available on Amazon for super cheap.) The Adventure Box Subscription is AWESOME, each month they send you a box that corresponds with one of the dates in the book itself. They are noted, and the book reminds you to leave the ones unscratched that have a matching box until it arrives. As for the Solo Edition, more on that in a different post when I get it in the mail, it's going to be such a useful tool in my journey to self love and understanding...

We loved how each of the icons gave you a little sneak peak into what might be needed, where you would be doing the date, and how long approximately the activity is.

When our stuff arrived, including the 1st subscription box, we were ecstatic! We immediately decided on a day to do the date and promised each other we wouldn't peak before the date (it was so hard). The day arrived, and we ripped open the box, scratched off the date in the book that matched and immediately knew we were in for something different when we saw a mini hammer. Penny For Your Thoughts was our first challenge! And since this date had a corresponding Adventure Box, so we did not have to do the first part listed on the scratch-off, which was going to the store for supplies. They arrived in a cute package for us instead, which in a pandemic is such a win. And even better, the journals they sent us were leather, and it included a kit so we could press into the cover (which explained the mini hammer), magazines, and all the tools we needed to individualize them. Totally going to reuse for future craft projects too!

Not pictured are the magazines they also included.

Pro tip: Don't do this activity at night, my boyfriend had a mild panic attack about hammering the letters and waking up our neighbors haha.

This was such a cute and creative activity though - I loved thinking of something quirky to put on the front of the journal. Which will not be pictured, as what I chose is highly inappropriate, but the perfect moment of laughter for the two of us. And that was the beauty of this, being able to make something to laugh and enjoy together. We are still using writing prompts and putting stuff in them for each other as little notes of encouragement or affirmations each week. It was the kick start needed in wanting to continue to way find ways to express our feelings, like this for each other, throughout our life.

I also loved overall, being able to get creative with my partner. This is something we haven't done much of together, as we started our relationship during a pandemic. It definitely brought up some interesting conversations and us together in a new way, even with the little bit of anxiety involved. Taking moments to reflect that nothing goes perfectly in life, in relationships, or with anything really - but being able to appreciate those - is so important. Eventually we stopped worrying about what we were writing or creating, and just did it.

The 1st page of the journal I created with pieces of recycled magazine. I wanted to use things that reminded me of memories & how I feel about him.

After we put together the journals, and did a couple of the writing prompts listed in the subscription box, we then sat and talked about what we did for each others. Decided to read the passages aloud to one another and really just enjoyed the opportunity to have together (phones away was the rule, except for taking some photos of the goods after). And then finally we did a quick snapshot with the Lomo' Instant camera that we got in the bundle. We put in the book next to the challenge instructions, to have a little documented memory of the date to cherish forever. Which, I totally will.

Aren't we the actual cutest?!

As we continue through our journey in this box, we look forward to sharing our experience. We also hope to inspire some of you to take on the challenge yourselves.

Give yourself and your relationship an opportunity to be challenged in order to grow together. Take on new "adventures", even ones where you are still at home in your pajamas like this one. But doing them in a way that brings you closer than Netflix and pizza might ever be able to provide.

As always, if you ever want to know more about this product, please don't hesitate to reach out. This is something I am passionate about and want to share with others, so I am always happy to answer questions you have. If you are ready to take on the challenge, make sure you don't do it without using my code for a 10% discount: CALLMECOURT. We are all wanting to save a little money in these times - and thats why I am always honest and upfront with my readers on covering products I only truly feel are worth the money. Plus finding ways to save you money wherever I can.

XO, Courtney

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