You read that right, this is the year. First and foremost, welcome to my blog. This may seem like an unconventional intro – as many of you reading may not even know me yet…but not to worry that intro will come. But for now I want to talk about someone I USED TO BE.

I remember this woman that use to get a high on life, just from the smell of book pages alone. Yes, I am aware that sentiment is slightly odd – but I miss her. I miss the way she would divulge herself into stories & adventures, or benefit from the expansion of her mind while flurrying through the pages of a new or old read. She was a dreamer, a thinker, a doer.

**And this year, I am vowing to put my passions in place – make them apart of my everyday, and stop giving up on what I love just because life gets busy.**

No more of that sis, time to put pen to paper, paint to brush, etc, etc. Ergo, the blog of it all IS BACK BABYYY. I really am so proud of myself for making this leap again. To finally be at peace – in a relationship that brings me value and not harm, in a place that provides beauty not distaste, and in that life has proven itself capable to be what I want it to be. So what is holding me back from having my passions be apart of that? With dedication to them, maybe, just maybe I can do anything. Even the possibility of making my life my career, not my career as my life.

But onto those large notions later, for now, WE READ. And my goodness, am I sooooo excited for this 2021 book list I have put together! No, these will not be the only books I read, but these are what I am committing to and will share thoughts about (via Instagram @callmecourtxo). Please note the list below will be read in no particular order, and are all of different genres. From romance fiction, to environmental and social non fiction, horror, and so on. Please take a look at the list below, I have also provided the link to my wishlist for them – in case you would like to order yourself a copy and join me in a book club type discussion. Or feeling generous and want to pre order me any before their release date!

First up is my main boo, Jonathan Van Ness. I have been wanting to read this book for so long now! There is something so raw and so inspiring about their presence and story, and I am so moved by their words that I feel like this piece of writing is going to take me on the emotional roller coaster that I need. I want to feel at peace in my authentic, over the top self. So bring it JVN, I am readyyyyyyy queen!

If you would like to participate in a book reading with me, please comment below with:

  • Name of book
  • Your name
  • Your email
  1. The Push – Ashley Audrain
  2. Of Women and Salt – Gabriela Garcia
  3. Don’t Breathe A Word – Jordan Taylor
  4. One Last Stop – Casey McQuinston
  5. The Last Apothecary – Sarah Penner
  6. Like Streams to the Ocean – Jedidah Jenkins
  7. Between Two Kingdoms – Suleika Jaouad
  8. Black, White, and The Grey – Mashama Bailey, John O. Morisano 
  9. Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love – Jonathan Van Ness
  10. She Must Be Mad – Charly Cox
  11. Unfu*k Yourself – Gary John Bishop
  12. The Project – Courtney Summers

Until next time loves, xo.

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